Giraffe Bed
Giraffe Bed

Giraffe Bed

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You want a cute bed for your dog right? Yeah, you do! This extremely cute Giraffe Bed  is just what you were looking for

These beds are designed to make your dog slay even while she sleeps. Made out of high-quality short plush thick warm fabric it is guaranteed to be a comfortable bed so that your pet can have a healthy sleep. With moisture-proof non-woven bottom, this bed will prevent any accidents from ruining your floors! 

Purchase yours NOW so that you don't regret it when they are gone!


S Fit for : dog < = 1.5kg
M Fit for : dog < = 3.5kg
L Fit for : dog < = 5kg

Sizing detailed:


out diameter/length: 26x26x28cm/10.24x10.24x11.02"

door hole: 14x13cm/5.51x5.12''

inner diameter/length 24x24x26cm/9.45x9.45x10.24''

for about 1kg dog. 


out diameter/length 31x31x33cm/12.2x12.2x12.99''

door hole: 17x15cm/6.69x5.91''

inner diameter/length 29x29x31cm/11.42x11.42x12.2''

for about 2kg dog. 


out diameter/length 36x36x38cm/14.17x14.17x14.96''

door hole: 20x18cm/7.87x7.09''

inner diameter/length 34x34x36cm/13.39x13.39x14.17''

for about 3kg dog. 


out diameter/length 43x43x45cm/16.93x16.93x17.72''

door hole: 22x22cm/8.66x8.66''

inner diameter/length 40x40x42cm/15.75x15.75x16.54''

for about 5.5kg dog.